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The best in convenience and style go hand-in-hand with the luxury of a Regent caravan. When you’re looking for the premium quality of the top caravans for sale, the only name you need to know is Regent.

You can always be sure that the entire range is fully equipped with all the premium interior and exterior features you could need. From the best in air conditioning, solar power, and water tanks, Regent provides you with the ultimate in reliability with the highest levels of living space and creature comforts.

When you buy a Regent caravan, you are getting the best in value from the team who are constantly looking at ways to improve on the already exceptional design, fittings and features of Australia’s most impressive caravans. Get set for adventure with your choice from the fabulous Regent range.

Why Buyers Choose A Regent Luxury Caravan


Regent brings you caravans that are the perfect mix of strength, style and high performance. The combination of the box-welded aluminium frame with XPS foam insulation and vacuum-bonded fibreglass sides gives you a caravan that can handle the unpredictability of the Australian climate.


Over the years, our team has prided itself on a reputation for making our mark in the world of caravans and taking road travel to the next level. When you are heading off on your next adventure, it gives you true peace of mind to know you have the exceptional reliability of Regent behind you all the way.


We go out of our way to ensure that you are happy with your Regent caravan. We know buying a caravan is a significant purchase. As experienced travellers ourselves, we make the whole process as smooth as possible, all backed with the best in customer care.

Ready For Your Next Road Adventure

There’s no better time to enjoy all the benefits of the all-round classic caravan.
When you find Regent Caravans for sale, you get even better value for money.

At Regent Caravans, we strive to build our products that go above and beyond your expectations. This includes our bold approach to the front-end design and the consistent reliability of features that are easy to open and close, safe to secure and all with maximising the all-important storage space at the core of each design.

We strive to build our products to a drive-away specification, which means you can hit the road and update your caravan with the options you’ll love. Our products can be customised to your individual needs.

Every Regent caravan is made with attention to detail and offers a stylish look for whenever you are on the road.


Regents first known business registration was in 1991!
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The most common cause of caravan accidents is the caravan swerving or snaking, followed by driver fatigue, speed, overloading and incorrect tyre pressures. 

In order to tow safely and legally, you must tow within your car’s towing capacity, which is the maximum amount of weight your vehicle is able to tow, and the maximum ball weight, as recommended by the manufacturer. This information can be found in your vehicles owner manual or vehicle specification located from the vehicle manufacturing website. It is also recommended to research the limits of the towbar provided. It is crucial to be aware that a vehicle’s towing capacity is reduced when taking into account how much of a load the tow vehicle itself has onboard (passengers, aftermarket mods, camping equipment, etc.) and – remember this – the vehicle-and-trailer combination always has to weigh within the Gross Combined Mass (GCM) limit, that is the maximum your vehicle-and-trailer combination can legally weigh. Read more about caravan towing weights and tow weight vehicles here.

We believe for most people and vehicles, caravan towing mirrors are a must have. They are a great way to see if there is any traffic down the side of their caravan. If your caravan is wider than your tow vehicle, in most States and Territories they are a legal requirement.

Many manufacturers now fit ESC (Electronic Sway Control) as standard or as an option on new caravans. This system essentially acts like an independent braking system. It detects when your van is starting to sway and will brake one wheel at a time to help you bring your van back under control. You may believe this is enough to prevent sway, however whilst these devices dramatically reduce your risk, sway can still occur. If your caravan starts to sway you should try to remain calm, enable your ESC if fitted, do not apply your brakes or turn suddenly, especially if ESC is enabled. If you do not have ESC, gradually slow your vehicle whilst maintaining direction, this should enable you to regain control.

Some cupboards, drawers, boots are designed for specific items from the manufacturer, and will be explained during your handover procedure. Make sure whatever you are carrying in your caravan is spread out evenly. Heavy items should be stored in bottom cabinets, ideally close to the wheel arches. Small and light items can be stored in your overhead cupboards. It is always a good idea to line your cupboards and drawers with a non-slip mat. Click for a fully comprehensive guide to packing your caravan safely.

Ensure site is level, free of any large branches or overhead obstructions. Apply the handbrake and place chocks under the caravan wheels. Detach from tow vehicle including safety chains. Ensure the jockey wheel clamp us firmly in position. Release coupling lock and raise the caravan using the jockey wheel to clear the tow ball, then level the caravan using the jockey wheel. Lower stabilizer legs.

We have developed a simple pre-travel checklist below. For a comprehensive breakdown and explanation of these points, check out our 20-Minute Maintenance Guide.

Interior Checks:

  1. Roof hatches closed and locked.
  2. Cupboards and drawers securely closed.
  3. Windows closed and locked.
  4. Shower door secured.
  5. Secure all appliances.
  6. TV off bracket and stowed securely.
  7. Refrigerator packed securely – door locked.
  8. Fire extinguisher fitted and locked.
  9. Gas cooker locked and stove top lid secured.

Exterior Checks:

  1. Gas bottles turned off.
  2. Tyres – check pressure and adjust.
  3. Brakes checked and adjusted.
  4. Check all wheel nuts are present and tight.
  5. Water tank filled.
  6. Lights operating correctly.
  7. Wheel bearings checked.
  8. Remove jockey wheel.
  9. Ball coupling securely locked in position.
  10. Doors locked – steps raised.
  11. Jacks and supports raised.
  12. Release handbrake – remove wheel chocks.
  13. Safety chains secured.
  14. Adjust towing mirrors.
  15. External boot locked.
  16. Electric extension between car and van attached and checked.
  17. 240V electrical lead disconnected.
  18. Front and rear (if any) protector shades securely locked down.
  19. Anode on water heater checked (if fitted).
Each state and territory have different laws in place, so if traveling across more than one be sure to read on their web pages what your need to do to comply and avoid hefty fines. All caravans need to be road worthy and registered. Registration costs vary from State to State, which in turn may alter your upfront costs. It is always a good idea to review your registration date prior to leaving on a trip so you don’t find yourself traveling along towing an unregistered caravan.

Yes! Regent Caravans is a member of Caravan Industry Association in Victoria and holds an RVMAP accreditation.