Built to Last

Floor Sandwich Panel Construction

Considerable research and expertise have been invested into the design and in-house production of Regent’s lightweight but immensely durable floor and body sandwich panels. The floor is a critical element to the construction of any recreational vehicle. The floor not only supports the walls, but all the internal elements of the vehicle. Strength is paramount to ensure rigidity, long life and durability.

Our floors are constructed by means of single piece 42mm thick sandwich panel. A fully welded aluminum frame provides the backbone of the floor. A durable layer of vinyl is bonded to a 3mm thick fiberglass skin, followed by 30mm thick XPS high density foam, lastly the bottom layer is another 3mm fiberglass chequer plate finish to provide protection against road debris.

The XPS foam provides a strong, lightweight insulation which is resistant to water absorption.

Chassis Construction

Our chassis are manufactured inhouse under strict quality control procedures to ensure all welds are of the highest standard. Our chassis are constructed using Raptor Coat rectangular hollow sections, which together with our sandwich panel floors provides a lightweight, high strength and rigid solution. All Regent chassis are then coated in a raptor coat finish, which offers significant protection against stones and road debris.

Walls & Roof Sandwich Panel Construction

The walls and roof form the remaining components of the external structure, providing a lightweight, fully insulated and aesthetically pleasing vehicle.

Our walls and roof are constructed by means of single piece 32mm thick sandwich panel, ensuring no gaps for potential water ingress. A fully welded aluminum frame provides the backbone of the structure. The internal layer is 3mm thick fiberglass skin offering a bright interior which is easily cleaned, followed by 25mm thick XPS high density foam, lastly the external layer is another 3mm fiberglass which provides a smooth easily washable great looking exterior, with the added protection against hail.

Suspension Systems

As standard equipment on all Regent vehicles, we fit ALKO Independent Rubber Suspension (IRS), otherwise known as torsion suspension. The ALKO IRS has been proven in tough Australian conditions – from dirt tracks to bitumen freeways, from desert highways to off the path tracks.

The AL-KO IRS axle uses simple and effective engineering to provide a smooth, stable and safe towing experience. Unique to the AL-KO IRS axle is the hexagonal outer axle tube, which houses three rubber elements held in place by a triple-fluted inner tube axle. Road shocks are dampened through compression of these rubber elements via suspension movement between full bump and rebound. The unique self-dampening characteristics of the rubber element slow down the suspension rebound, which ensures a smooth ride over all types of road surfaces.


Our cabinets and furniture are manufactured from high quality solid plywood, not MDF. Each panel and cupboard door are glued and screwed together and is laminated with acrylic material chosen from a wide range of colours and styles.

Rounded edges on all doors add a touch of class and feel, complimented with soft closing gas struts and heavy duty handles and latches.

Heavy duty steel drawer runners and drawer sides provide durability, functionality, and long life.


The life source of any RV is the 12V and 240V electrical system. These systems are critical in providing the power needs on any holiday. Safety of the occupants is paramount, so the system must be safeguarded against overload events.

As a trusted partner, all Regent vehicles are fitted with Projecta Battery Management systems, including fuse box, solar controller, battery charger, water pump switch, hot water cut-off switch and primary load. The majority of the electrical system is grouped together in a single overhead cupboard for ease of access.All of our vehicles are rigorously inspected by a qualified electrician prior to dispatch and provided with an electrical certificate for your piece of mind.

Standard Safety Inclusions

Your RV is your home away from home, and as such you such have the same expectation of safety. Fitted as standard equipment in all Regent vehicles is a fire extinguisher, smoke alarm and critical equipment shut off switches.

All Regent vehicles are designed to perform in a wide range of road conditions, and weight distribution is a critical factor in towing performance.

If the worst were to occur and your caravan detaches from your tow vehicle, an emergency breakaway system will immediately apply the caravan brakes and bring it to a standstill.

Lippert Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is a standard feature on all Regent vehicles, providing additional towing stability and road handling.

Research and Development

With all our chassis, sandwich panels, fiberglass moulds, furniture and upholstery all manufactured inhouse, strict manufacturing controls are in place to ensure quality and consistency.

To enable this, Regent has an inhouse design, research and development center. All our vehicles are designed using the last in 3D modelling CAD software, also using finite element analysis (FEA)which is a computerized method for predicting how a product reacts to real world forces, vibration, heat and other physical elements.

Our R&D team is continuously researching and testing new manufacturing methods and the latest products on the market to ensure that Regent offers the best possible package to our caravanners.