Regent Caravans are RVMAP Accredited

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Regent Caravans are proud to announce that we have successfully passed the Caravan Industry Association of Australia’s (CIAA) rigorous review process and are now RVMAP accredited! Our caravans will soon be displaying the RVMAP badge.

What Does RVMAP Mean?

Who are the CIAA?

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CIAA stands for the Caravan Industry Association of Australia and this not-for-profit association collaborates with the state associations to develop manufacturers and suppliers in the caravan industry while providing valuable information to customers.

The CIAA’s mission statement is “To lead and champion a safe, compliant and sustainable caravanning and camping industry in Australia”. Operating the RVMAP accreditation program helps to achieve these goals and helps assure caravan buyers that the product they’re buying meets a high standard.

Learn more about the CIAA and RVMAP on their website.

How RV Manufacturers Earn the RVMAP Badge

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What’s Involved in an RVMAP Inspection

There are more than 250 Australian Standards related to safety and compliance that each manufacturer is required to meet. They address factors such as the RV’s build materials, gas and electricity fitting, and safety features.

How Often Will the CIAA Inspect Regent Caravans

To participate in the RVMAP program the RV manufacturer must agree to a full factory inspection twice a year. Additionally, the CIAA randomly inspects the caravans at caravan dealers and trade exhibitions during the year.

Regent Caravans - Market Leading Luxury Caravans

At Regent Caravans we have prided ourselves on producing market leading luxury caravans since day one. Wearing the RVMAP badge reflects that value and lets our customers know we are working with the CIAA to provide caravans that are of the highest industry standard.

Next time you’re considering a new caravan, keep an eye out for the RVMAP badge as our full range of caravans are accredited. Download a brochure or view our caravan models page to find the right one for you.

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