Regent Discoverer RDC206 Review by Damian Candetti

What makes our Regent Discoverer RDC206 20ft caravan a luxury caravan? Damian Candetti is here to show you.

First off, Damian points out the rigid aluminium framing and one-piece fibreglass moulding, which is both beautiful and aerodynamic. Underneath, you’ll find a Lippert sway controller and AL-KO torsion suspension to keep you safe on the road. These are all standard across our range, as our caravans are built to last.

Looking a little higher up, there’s the large bus-door style boot at the front and the inset spare wheel at the rear, which gives you as much room as possible inside the RDC206.

Just inside the door, you’ll discover an island queen bed with robes on either side and plenty of storage.

As you keep moving through the caravan, there’s leather cafe-style seating, a full-sized fridge/freezer and a full-sized pantry, as well as a huge kitchen bench.

Damian then explains the Projecta PM300 LED panel features while highlighting the 170w solar panel and 100aH lithium battery.

Feel free to download a brochure below for more information on the Discoverer RDC206, or the video goes into more detail. Your local dealer will be happy to help if you have any other questions.